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DRM Dead? April 3, 2007

Posted by Daniel Gardner in Business Thoughts, TechCrunch.

To me todays biggest news was Apple announcing there long awaited deal with EMI to sell DRM free music through itunes (see the TechCrunch article detailing this), my problem though is that they are selling the DRM free music for more than DRM protected music.

Now I understand that the DRM free music is of a higher quality but couldn’t they have just made it simple and sold all of the music for 99c?

I think this just adds too much confusion to consumers especially people who are not in the know, I would like to see all of EMI’s DRM music replaced with DRM free content, the consumer doesn’t care (in fact it is better for them) and it eliminates the confusion around DRM for these consumers.



1. DRM Dead? - April 3, 2007

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