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Will Google succeed in the Television advertising space? April 5, 2007

Posted by Daniel Gardner in Business Thoughts, Current Events, Google.

Google’s move into the Television advertising space isn’t really a big surprise since it is really the 60bn gorilla of Advertising but I don’t believe that simply letting the advertisers bid on the time slot they wish to be in and the channel they wish to be on will achieve Google the same success as they have experienced in the online advertising space, it just isn’t revolutionary enough, simply delivering this makes Google nothing more than a content booking system.

I think that Google’s success or failure will lie in there ability to deliver true contextual advertising based on the users viewing history and there location with no interruptions to the users viewing experience, if they could execute on this it would be revolutionary.

Google I’m sure already has much of the data crunching required, it serves out there contextual web advertisements, it is just a matter of applying these systems to Television as well.

The ideal user scenario for Google would be that advertisers upload there spots to Google, specify there target demographics & geographies, there budget and the duration of there campaign and Google does the rest, Google finds users who match the advertisers criteria and Google delivers content based on the individual user, not just the time and the average viewer like is currently done on Television.
Using this system the Advertisers no longer need to worry about filling there ad spaces and the advertisers hit only the people that relate to there message.

The largest barrier for Google in implementing this strategy is the lack of accurate tracking of what a user is doing, when a user is online they click links to interact and there specific interests can be identified but with Television it cannot be known if they are just waiting for a 5 minute spot in the Television program to come on or worse yet they could have there Television off but there Cable box still on!

Despite these problems I think Google are in an excellent position to capitalise on this new space especially against new players as they have proven to be a trustworthy company when it comes to tracking advertisements and can use there already dominant advertising presence online and bridge some of there online advertising customers into Television advertising.

Will Google succeed in the Television advertising space?
Only time will tell, I think they have the ability to dominate another advertising market but they need to really shake it up through innovation and use there existing resources to put up a barrier for entry to new players, I might re-visit this in 6 months time when the hype has settled and the products are out in the market.


1. Michael Stroud - April 9, 2007

Enjoyed your piece!

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