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Domain prices should of stayed high April 7, 2007

Posted by Daniel Gardner in Business Thoughts, Internet, TechCrunch.

I was reading TechCrunch yesterday and saw the article Domain Name Prices To Increase 7%; Verisign To Make $27 million More Per Year, personally I think domains are too cheap and too easy to get, if the availability of domains was more restricted we would not have the problem with people buying up so many domain and restricting access to new domains for everyone.

I think AUDA have it right when dealing with .au domains, requiring people to prove ownership of a business in a related field in order to register a domain name.

A fair fee for a domain name I would see as being around $30 and you need to have a registered business that trades under that name (an additional cost here in Australia of around $100 if you don’t own that trading name).
This would raise the barrier to entry for spammers and make people think before registering domains as well as having a clear legal channel for prosecution in the case of business practices being breached.

I would be in favour though of charging a minimal fee (say $10) for personal domain names for non commercial use, this would allow access for people to share there thoughts online and would not persecute these people with requirements they should not have to satisfy.



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