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Skype enters the Enterprise April 12, 2007

Posted by Daniel Gardner in Business Thoughts, Current Events, GigaOM, Internet, Skype, VoIP.

Skype has spurred lots of peoples interest in Voice Over IP especially with making people aware that communication with a PC is not only functional, it is easy!

Now according to GigaOM Skype will be making it’s first move into the enterprise space, this is an exciting but not unexpected move in order to expand from there current consumer focussed customer base into the enterprise as well, the deciding factor on how well they will fare in this already populated space is how serious they are about servicing these new customers as the feature set required by businesses will be much more demanding such as active directory integration for address books and users, legacy gateway connectivity (SIP/PSTN) and a flexible API for integration with business applications.

I think Skype can execute on this though they need to get the features out and commit themselves, they have the funding, they already have the infrastructure (a marked advantage over many ‘hosted’ providers) and they already have an excellent software application all it boils down to is execution.

I will be watching this to see how it develops but I think this is just what the SMB market needs, especially companies with many satellite offices and telecommuters as companies can give these users the functionality they need without having to pay the exorbitant rates currently charged by companies to use there hosted solutions.



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