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Why I think MySpace blocked Photobucket April 12, 2007

Posted by Daniel Gardner in Business Thoughts, Current Events, Fox, MySpace, Photobucket, TechCrunch.

MySpace are at it again blocking third party content providers, today’s victim is Photobucket, specifically targeting there video offering that is heavily used across MySpace for sharing videos.

If Fox were to come out and say they wish to have full control over the video’s displayed on MySpace due to issues with policing content, I would totally understand as this directly relates to Fox’s other lucrative media properties but the fact that they are directly targeting Photobucket and are leaving others in tact (namely Google’s YouTube Videos which are notorious for containing copyrighted content) means that this decision was in relation to something Photobucket has done or is planning to do.

I would say the decision was made because of the latter as Photobucket is currently on the take for an estimated $300 – $400 million, this play may be an attempt by Fox to dilute Photobucket’s worth by distributing FUD with relation to the future of there Online Video offering and it’s actual value, possibly allowing them to pick up a bargain and expand there media powerhouse.


1. http://tinyurl.com/goodmills17015 - February 7, 2013

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