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Salesforce.com should partner with Google April 10, 2007

Posted by Daniel Gardner in Business Objects, Business Thoughts, Current Events, Google, Internet, Read/WriteWeb, salesforce.com, TechCrunch.
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I was reading today on TechCrunch and Read/WriteWeb about Salesforce.com announcing there new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, stemming from there March acquisition of Koral.

This offering is great for Salesforce.com users as it will open up the door for greater integration with business data that is stored in offline documents but as Salesforce.com themselves are proving the enterprise is ready to move online so why not integrate with online document platforms and the potential 400lb gorilla and obvious choice Google.

Google acquired Writely in March 2006 and is currently building out there Google Office offerings merging Document, Spreadsheet and Email functionality into a single web based application.

Salesforce.com I think would do well by partnering with Google for 3 main reasons which I outline below:
1. Branding – Both companies want to get further into the enterprise software space and by partnering Salesforce.com would gain access to the branding of being an important partner of Google’s.
3. Compatibility – Moving CRM and documents online has the issue with integrating offline documents with online software, by keeping both online versioning of software no longer becomes an issue and streamlined processes are easier to achieve.
2. Shared customers – Both companies can cross sell into each others customers possibly using a seeding strategy were users of either piece of software get a number of free licenses of the other’s software, a perfect example of this working in the Enterprise space is Crystal Report’s being seeded into both Microsoft Visual Studio and SAP mySAP.

Now possibly either one of these companies may be planning to release there own version of there competitors products though without having any inside information I would say this would be unlikely, Salesforce.com doesn’t have the money to compete with Google in office and Google would move away from it’s focus of building mostly small applications though like most speculation we’ll have to wait and see.