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My thoughts on Joost April 23, 2007

Posted by Daniel Gardner in Advertising, Business Thoughts, Internet, Joost, TV.

I have been using Joost since I got my Joost invite on the 17th, I signed up after I heard it was launching ‘soon’ (in early February) though was at that time quite dubious as to how it would work and what I would actually be able to view due to bad experiences with other commercial type content sites.

The first thing that struck me as a particularly good feature in Joost (though an obvious one) is the ability to watch shows outside of the browser window, while the browser is an easy way to get to where you want to go when you are away from your PC it cannot compare to the experience you get from a full featured application, the interface is slick, easy to use and surprisingly fast, most technical people who would want to use this service and are comfortable viewing TV on a computer I think have a laptop anyway so this is sort of a moot point and a thick client makes sense.

The second thing I like about Joost is the ability to choose which episode you want to watch, again this is quite obvious especially with the availability of multimedia content on demand online but I honestly didn’t expect it, I thought Joost was another method to view normal TV online due to the complexity’s of getting content providers to dice up there content in order to allow users to choose which segment they want to watch.

The quality I think is acceptable for internet TV, I have no problems streaming it on my Cable connection though I would like to be able to display this content on my TV, I would be more than happy to fork out a monthly fee in order to be able to broadcast shows straight from the web onto my TV in a higher quality format.

Getting this content onto the TV I think would be a major advantage for Joost, it seems like they are getting interest by major corporations who want to get there content out there though as has been pointed out in many other people before, the mass market doesn’t want to watch TV on there PC, they want to be able to sit in there lounge room and enjoy there favorite show, by becoming a key provider with plenty of good content and partnering with major ISP’s Joost could mirror there content from these ISP’s saving there own bandwidth and that of there ISP while at the same time creating a lock in with that company for the consumer.

This is where I think Joost needs to head to penetrate most homes and to be honest I think I would pay for it, I currently pay $80 a month for my internet connection and another $99 for my Pay-TV, paying $150 for both would be very reasonable especially since I would be able to view international content.

I think I will continue to use Joost and am excited to see where it goes in the future though no matter whether it reaches my TV or not I would love to see some more Discovery and History type channels.